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Turning the Synergies Effortlessly..

Lying underneath sands of time, swaying in the boughs of the gentle trees.. Collecting another time at is was in the stances from above.. Open shoe sand timings wait in jiving caressing hair follicles.. Until another day catches us in the silent becomings of the masses..

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Door to the Sky-Castle

Wandering through planar sand remnants of Volkswagon collect the fragments in a box, tied to the utmost. “I’m sure it’s really wonderful,” the wonderful person said. “Yes, truly, yes, it is..” the other person, while drinking whiskey. Time for a last chain in style music singer sway movie player here: This is the song I […]

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Changing the tidal waves in patience

Moving across the surface of the finished product, and the awakening from beyond, a new shoelace presents itself. In wondering daydreams congruent. Collected tidal fluctuation between layered heart interweavings. The beginning of a place in another divine approximation of togetherness from beyond. Sounds collect in the breezes that sweep by us on the way. Lying […]

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Random Beach Sunset Stuff

Wow, here’s simple at best. A few Randomness visions. Random Beach Sunset stuff all together in one place. Fortune favors the bold. All signs point towards daylight in the meantime we want a beach sunset item. Palm Tree Sunset Beach/shower Towel A shower towel, and a beach towel with a beach sunset programmed into the […]

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Giant Stuffed Animals

Wow, a giant stuffed animals page is beginning now. It baffles me how rocking these giant stuffed animals are, for real. They just keep getting better and better, and the list goes on and on and on, and it contains the best stuffed animals of larger size anywhere in this galaxy, I promise. Just check […]

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Yesterday Today Here and Now

Yesterday shining in layers, decay amongst the masses… New heart together in the spaces from above. Beings in halfway togetherness, juice drank in the solstice beginnings become us. Juice drinker in the sky, number one results tied together in the aftermath of decay. Nothingness and everything together in the distance. Jiving around the boundaries together.. […]

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Buy 3d Printer Online

I have compiled a list so it will be easier for you to buy 3d Printer devices, since you can read about some of the most affordable ones on here.. 3d printing technology has become quite popular in recent years. Now with mobile apps designed to make 3d printing easier, just about anyone can print […]

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Buy Cheap Elephant Statues

If you are looking to buy cheap elephant statues online, then you have most definitely found the right place with this list. These are some of the best elephant sculptures online that I have found, truly. Elephants are known as symbols of protection, and as guardians for the home. They provide an aura of positive energy, […]

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Moving into Unity

Transfer the dignitaries to another sense of a new word. Vocabulary moves along a direct line to a rebound in the last minute of overtime. What was left, we gained again, and we tied our shoes knowing that. An awakening of matter to become energy. Another reworked mindset. Off balance and shunned, we await motion […]

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Yesterday’s Lore and the Systematic Approach to Longetivity

Find out yourself in a plain shopping basket new neatness and inexplicable fortune of the divine await a luxury artifact from beyond and spin the rooster’s cage quickly in the meantime, beyond different pages that meet and transfer energy among themselves. Trying too hard, and dividing spaces and the other side rewoven into luxury spaces […]

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Holiday Toy List for Boys

This is a holiday toy list for boys for this holiday season. Check it out.. This is some of the best stuff out there for Christmas time this year. This is a magnificent list for young ones, and they will most definitely like this awesome and expanding collection of toys for the holidays. Check it […]

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How Elvis Saved Christmas

This is a funny short story about Christmas. It’s a rad and humorous story, lol, and it has pictures too. Check it out, it’s pretty hilarious! Also, you can buy anything in the story by clicking on the pictures.. Have fun! Here’s Santa: Santa is at the north pole getting ready for Christmas, and making […]

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A few Artistic gift ideas for the holidays

Get some of these permanent markers as a gift, or get them, and make your own gifts, with some of the blank clothing products in the list below. Sharpie Stained Fabric Markers, Brush Tip, Assorted Colors, 8-Count and Blank White T-Shirts Blank White Hats Blank White Jeans Blank White Tank Tops White Canvas Keds Shoes […]

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Auld Lang Sine

Fortell the inevitable circumstances at will deny fruit forecasters in the sky cloud night red sunset heart pattern lingering amidst a sea of gravestones on a hill and the crickets masquerading as toads and eagles situational majesty growing hill fear translation fickle sandwich juice drink e cig vape cloud coffee status in times parallel to […]