Transmutating layers in the artifice

along a boundary in silent becomings… Await the changes in the day. Tidal waves of becomings and the silent passing mob…Moving through meanings in certainty. Lying halfway across in the distance, a sound travels through a boundary, misguided, aligned, and transformative. Jiving delicate patterns in the sunshine of what once was in the distance…Moonbeams await

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Turning the Synergies Effortlessly..

Lying underneath sands of time, swaying in the boughs of the gentle trees.. Collecting another time at is was in the stances from above.. Open shoe sand timings wait in jiving caressing hair follicles.. Until another day catches us in the silent becomings of the masses.. Share This:

Changing the tidal waves in patience

Moving across the surface of the finished product, and the awakening from beyond, a new shoelace presents itself. In wondering daydreams congruent. Collected tidal fluctuation between layered heart interweavings. The beginning of a place in another divine approximation of togetherness from beyond. Sounds collect in the breezes that sweep by us on the way. Lying

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Yesterday Today Here and Now

Yesterday shining in layers, decay amongst the masses… New heart together in the spaces from above. Beings in halfway togetherness, juice drank in the solstice beginnings become us. Juice drinker in the sky, number one results tied together in the aftermath of decay. Nothingness and everything together in the distance. Jiving around the boundaries together..

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