Another Thing Twoser

Another Thing Twoser

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Another thing.

It’s fun just freestyle writing and not really doing a lot of editing.

I mean, you want the punctuation to be correct.


Maybe you would like a poster of Mecca:

Or a canal in Amsterdam:

Wow, imagine paddling down Amsterdam canals all the days…

Or, a Kayaking poster:

Or maybe just buy a kayak…

Cool, hit all of the rapids, and you will need one of these guides:

Paddling Guides by State

Anyways, kayaking is like way awesome, and stuff.

You might need some sunscreen:

Go ahead and get some 85, cause it’s gonna be a hot one.

Also you may need a citronella candle:

And you can get a small grill on Amazon:

and you can get an atv too:

or a surfboard:

or an erector set:

or a my little pony:

anyways peace.

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