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In order to engage in a real compelling conversation, one must first be a good listener. If one goes into a conversation wanting to get something from the other person then there can never be real balance in the conversation. Also one must always remember to remain positive and be truly interested in being friends with the other person and want to know more about how they are really doing.

When talking, it always also helps to refer to things around you to talk about. If you are at a bar, talk about wine or beer. If you are at a sporting event, talk about the star player. If you are at an intersection, talk about something that relates to that. There are many things all of the time around us that we can bring attention to to include in the conversation. It helps to have something in common to talk about.

Many good conversationalists keep up with current events and use news and information about things many people are interested in so that they can begin and maintain conversations with just about anyone. If you have a genuine interest in something, there are probably other people out there who like that same thing. That is where clubs and organizations can be a great way to meet people.

Popular people are always meeting new people and making new friends. If you feel like you talk to the same few people all of the time, then you probably need to get out more and meet some new people. It may seem hard these days this isolationist society where there is no real public center, and where the center keeps shifting to meet people and begin conversations in today’s consumer and technology driven world. Just keep trying new things. You are bound to meet someone. One conversation can shape the entire future. There’s a lot of interesting people in the world to talk to. Just get out there and do it. Throw yourself into a good interesting conversation.

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