Assign Meanings to New Values

Now, in

silk cosmic strands..hint of insurrection..

passing along a line, in a territory, distant fall splinters rewoven across sun solar moon tides green station virtue collectors..

in fine woven necessary unified great chasm void salute virtue singed salmon sandwich master chef painted on a nightgown.

cover station sing save sing hint sign vilm saint salute virtue salute

acrid various gas particles nonsense

in a safe place, in a beautiful moma. Jive across boundaries, fill

new sandcastles, assign meanings to new values of temperance and virtue in a sect or fictional…


as to reason,

allure vacant spot in silk textures sackcloth of divinity

left sister sign viaduct callous heart


saint virtue visions vacation sacrilige, California

new woven strands infer

salute, victory, unite!

ear mash safe opera

loft coin assigning findings salute the bold! the brave!

a temperate mindframe

a salute!

a void in the center

a transluscent interpretation

assign infer

into another rewoven texture moment, sky sign salute!

tonight a great mass blessing

bless every

assign new

vision in soup salad cornbread virtue


to the bold!

the brave!

the beautiful!

the cosmic strands of night cloud galactic star vision clouds transluscent and in a gigantic glowing sway..

in a stance, juice forgave; sand erodes, vision heartbeam patterns in your mind’s eye..

in assign in stance said

we vision pattern night blooms translucent on a frame purple night clouds rhythms transfer, the grape

the sign new plant species void it grows from here…

the evolution and decay

the rebirth from what once was.

a spirit joined to nine signs from a sandwich letter fortell entabluature nights upon a mind’s eye woven strad fabric texture frayin sign silk soap fancy

for signs..

in signs we



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