Assign values to new meanings, she wrote on stone

in a second, new said Jane in a sudden syntax

in a fury, besides the beams, the over-trodden security blanket mixed sentences await the new music on monday from spotify blooming discover weekly new synapses firing for mid-occasion and bloom blossoms and silent awakening dawns with new music and the chant and mantra of the new beginnings have you heard this track by Little Green Cars, let’s listen to it on spotify:

anyways, peace to the galaxy like this poster:

It’s the Andromeda galaxy, and I hope we make it there one day, before an asteroid hits us.
Anyways, do you like the millenium falcon?

Well here it is, and click the picture to buy
Jane said she wanted some art so here we go:

So jane got what she wants
and then we need some no-doz…

so we can stay up because we have no ethiopian coffee left.
And we have to drive to florida with a can of green beans to our name and a credit card.
then we roll up on seven eleven and Jane wants some cigars, but I say we have to get some sour skittles:

because we are about to go see a painting in the Moma, like a Gorky or something:

And here’s a Gorky book, and we like to eat bannanas.
Anyways, cool, you we need a rolex, too, so you can buy this one off amazon by clicking:

It’s a women’s rolex, and you should def buy it for her for Valentines day. Just click to buy!

anyways, I thought you might like my posters, too.

Anyways, we all need cheetos:

anyways, well, I hope you have a good super Bowl Sunday, and I hope you buy a Lady Gaga CD:

Peace from the Hood in Greenwich village.

Rock on u chile…

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