Beyond Everything to the Max

New Adventures
Shoe-shining on 4th street
a new drumbeat inner sanctuary rhythm that divides and collects and misunderstands and wears kleets, and eats fruit sandwiches, and eats those little oranges, and wears clothes everyday for a month, and never cuts his hair, and then he makes crazy art and posts it all over the web like it’s something special, well, guess what, it’s like a new thing for me, and I’m just being creative and I can post whatever I want and it’s fun, and it’s like an adventure everyday, and then I put on some new clothes and go to vegas and then I smoke a cigar and then it’s bedtime, and then I sleep til two in the afternoon, and get up and do it all over again for the thousandth time.
and the rework the minds eye to a new challenger
in a dreamstate from beyond
and the new day rhythms divide and collect
and the soap opera daylight smitten challengers
and we walk towards the center, in groups,
moving stealth-like enthalpic energy wise
collect and diffuse and partake
sanctuary find out new meanings from the dove and then it rechanges the day beams particles
and new balance sneakers
find a silent mass understanding in a new song sounds to the max strength volume

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