Careening on One Toe

Moving on one toe, hop hoppity hopping along on my toe
i switch to the other foot and the other toe.
On the toe toppity tops of my toes.
Then we eat at manchuramen meal forever
jiving salad makes u thin
then get a deep dish pepperoni pizza
and snow ramen noodles eat soup and green beans for lunch and some corn flakes and fruit hand sandwich mean meals in a bag
for two
eardrum timex bound result yearlong stone carving on the fireplace
a rolex mindset for adventure underwater
on the toe tops snoopy glides his car through a meadow
sounds filial majestic emblem stitched on the hats of the workers soup and salad and corn muffins for dinner
and then tip top toe salad dressing time pour it on the floor and walls and everywhere, the dog will get it.

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