@yessickart poster, and a poem, for some bluegrass

new_nebula_of_the_inner_child_and_minds_eye_09er_poster New Posters and Syntaxes, for real, yo, a beacon of dark matter in the synapses, and lucid dreamstate coffee awakenings through a deep corridor tunnel cave in the ocean. Then we traveled by day to a shed, and we made a tent and a fire with this tent: anyways, it was fun, then we

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Moving through layers, indefinitely

quiet movie player, indefinite approximation, a movie, results sanctuary tell me more… foretell no matter, with energy and jiving fruit castles, away from the masses, collect and diffuse the in between layers and divisions abrupt with no reason. lift the syntax sandwich jiving hill denial hill donut assinine assiduous, lift the music visual collect diffusers

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Assign values to new meanings, she wrote on stone

in a second, new said Jane in a sudden syntax in a fury, besides the beams, the over-trodden security blanket mixed sentences await the new music on monday from spotify blooming discover weekly new synapses firing for mid-occasion and bloom blossoms and silent awakening dawns with new music and the chant and mantra of the

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reworking your inner child

It rains, then flowers spent dawn drops dewlight yesterday means nothing fallacies everywhere, abrupt with no inner meaning a profundity of temperaments aimed at humor stupid idiots everywhere, no escape from the utter stupidity and nothingness everywhere can make you feel empty money grabbers abound with the dollar meaning everything to them nothing means more

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New Apart and Together Spaces for the Many

Approximate sunlight divides the day into little sections for best results. peaceful said nevermind yesterday together on a walkway above the city. because the foretold newscaster sends assiduous becomings of man toward the center of cause and effect. await this: and then stutter and go towards the path of the ray of light. Peaceful hillside

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Luxury Fabrics and Particles, Molecules, and Atoms

Tearing through viaduct aquifers silent sultry untied foretold sanctuary vixen heartbeat synapse donut eradicate result far out bliss manufacturing company. Letters. A shoe untied realization prose letter dear Jane faint letter remembered in triple rainbow flower sunshine daydream syntaxes Bob tyrants sunbeam ear sweater yelp hill red tie from Amazon, and the Van Gogh tie

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Transmutating layers in the artifice

along a boundary in silent becomings… Await the changes in the day. Tidal waves of becomings and the silent passing mob…Moving through meanings in certainty. Lying halfway across in the distance, a sound travels through a boundary, misguided, aligned, and transformative. Jiving delicate patterns in the sunshine of what once was in the distance…Moonbeams await

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Turning the Synergies Effortlessly..

Lying underneath sands of time, swaying in the boughs of the gentle trees.. Collecting another time at is was in the stances from above.. Open shoe sand timings wait in jiving caressing hair follicles.. Until another day catches us in the silent becomings of the masses.. Share This:

Changing the tidal waves in patience

Moving across the surface of the finished product, and the awakening from beyond, a new shoelace presents itself. In wondering daydreams congruent. Collected tidal fluctuation between layered heart interweavings. The beginning of a place in another divine approximation of togetherness from beyond. Sounds collect in the breezes that sweep by us on the way. Lying

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