Steven Yessick Posters

Click to buy any of these! all_glitched_out_in_da_matrix_poster vinting_nonchalance_poster_inder mixed_feelings_a_new_dawn_forecast_hour_poster new_nebula_of_the_inner_child_and_minds_eye_09er_poster Time Traveler Stealthily .0009ertonight Poster Moving through layers, indefinitely poster – Click to buy! New Melodies and Sanctuaries in Divided Crowds Canvas Print – Click to Buy! and you can get the poster, too, here: Mixed Confluence of Events Stretched Time Warp Poster Steven Yessick

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Excerpts from ongoing series

Click on the image or link to buy. “These fragments I have shored against my ruins” -T.S. Eliot (ongoing series) These five are available together as a set. Click here to buy this amazing art by a master artist, which is highly collectible, and one of these exists in the world. Share This:

Gummy Bear Products List Amazon and Mixed Media Video Youtube Playlist

Here is a gummy bear products list amazon for you. I have picked various brands of gummy bears and different products for you to peruse. Click on the pic to buy or view. So here goes the list: Here is a five pound bag of gummy bears Here are some gold bears individually wrapped mm

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Second Life Art: #SecondLife Sculptie

Second Life Art from @yessickart – $160 Second Life Art Sculptie (Sculpted Prim) This painting very much resembles a scene from the famous online virtual world called Second Life, where users can create “avatars”, which can range in appearance from abstract shapes, to animals, produce, to personified appearances of themselves and beyond. Within the game

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