A New Challenge in Your Mind’s Eye..

A new challenge awaits, now only a dream in my mind’s eye…

Balanced muses foretell the silent new becomings of wonder and amazement.

A final mantra of the timeless art…

Stated plainly and with new meanings implied contextually: It is pure light harnessed within multiple interwoven sections…

Allover similarity, vivid color, and with glowing contrast, it is based on a common subject matter that almost everyone knows about.

Towards the greatest of a generation, as well as towards new becomings of what really matters!!

Designing every stich in the woven cloth beforehand.. Placements visualized, carefully thought out, and executed according to plan, with slight improvisation of form during the process…

It starts with a sketch, then the magic happens. No straight out of the tube b.s… Well-mixed and well planned color schemes are essential to the outcome. One must have patience and stick to the plan for the puzzle to fit together correctly.. It takes time, so chip away at the surface slowly.. And remember, don’t stop until it is fully complete.. Don’t quit too soon when you really know it needs more work.. Just keep going..

The sight is intended to elevate the viewer to the next level of emotion…It’s a big piece, and it just takes you higher when you see it in person, for real..

Beauty in constant form applied in a vivid allover pattern, with small variations in each shape. The shapes that comprise the pattern together create a recognizable, yet abstracted image reminicent to many..The shapes themselves are based on an unspoken mythical subconcious language. It is a language which speaks a common tongue, and it is therefore understood by all… Perhaps this common language is communicated and interperted on a subconscious level upon sight and study, as most things are… At least we can hope for as much… 🙂

The goal is to manifest a higher level of organized energy that radiates and expands. It just makes you happy. 🙂.. Many who encounter it’s strong, brilliant, and familiar presence will be shocked into a higher vibrational frequency, like, automatically..

Thanks, Peace..

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