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Today we are going to see some Buddha statues for sale,

because we all like and respect the Buddha aspect.

This is a collection of the finest cheap Buddha statues anywhere.

and you can have each and every one of them by clicking on the pics.

Some are handmade, many are made in such places

as India, Thailand, and Nepal, and other places around Asia.

Buddha Statues for Sale

Some of these ones are designed for meditation purposes,

while other ones are designed to assist in the flow of chi energy in

the surrounding environment.

They are meant to be peaceful reminders of peace. 🙂

So here goes da listy, yo.

Buddha Statues for Sale

Look at this handcarved masterpiece.

So amazing amazing. Handcarved to the nth

out of a softer type of stone used for carving.

An exquisite highly detailed statue.

Buddha Statues for Sale

This Buddha statues for sale choice on the list. This is for the garden.

It actually stands about thirty inches tall, kinda cool.

It’s got that weathered look, you know?

Like an ancient stone statue or something.

Use as a source of inspiration and peaceful meditation

for a calm and serene garden environment.

Or even in the home too.

Buddha Statues for Sale

This guy just looks happy. 🙂

He can get the chi flowing awesomely. AND

It just puts you in a good mood to look at this^ one, I think…

He’s a happy little guy 🙂

Buddha Statues for Sale

Handcarved out of wood.




A sure conversation starter.

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and talk about your hand carved wooden buddha statue

which is pretty friggin amazing if you ask me.

Buddha Statues for Sale

I think this Buddha guy is used for wealth drawing purposes or something

used in an auspicious place in a home like the wealth corner.

Just google Feng shui charts.

It’s an awesome art.

Anyways well thanks for visiting the

Buddha Statues for Sale page on dis sitey, yo :).

Peace out by @yessickart

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