Cool Cacti, and Other General Speakings of..

try this cool cactus.
fly into the heart of daylight sunshine artifice fictionally speaking..
gather rays with your new solar panel:

just make sure you wear sunscreen:

I think 100 is the highest.. that’s cool..

then go skiing in the alps..
then listen to some Jerry Garcia Band..

Then go to subway
new Subway Gift Card.

anyways, or time travel into the future, or past with the back to the future trilogy..

or you could time travel with this other movie:

I like them both…

anyways, I like stuff about time travel,

like that show Timeless, on NBC. Good show..
Anyways, do you need a watch?
I like surf watches by rip-curl, like this one:

also, I like
anyways, cool well have a starry night ish day..

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