Despicable Me 3 Diamond Painting Auction Party Congregation Meeting and Ear Protection Ceremony

Sidewalk sitting on a sunny day in September listening to Spanish guitar from a window above...
-Steven Yessick, you know, the author and artist?...


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First of all, nonchalance... Secondly, assign meanings to new values, Third, collective unconscious of the moment. Fourth, No signs leading to fate. Finally, Music pervades the scenery...

Due to

momentary lapse of reason

I learned

that freedom ain’t free:




Safe Harbor in the Night

A Mack

and syrup


Collective unconscious

safety net

tirade of art

a sappy medium

sentences jumbling together: a new dawn energy that approaches a syntax from what was before and all that were




at the one of a kind

nothing else like it in the entire galaxy

a rare gem




close singed

on the eedges

safety shoe

a sign from inner sanctify the criss cross pattern in the collective unconscious

a shoe polish remedy

as the night dissolves in dark fragments interwoven with blue and pink hues…

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