Everything at Once

And togetherness from beyond the boundaries reaching into sky seams patterned night visitor.
A sanctuary from jive sentences falling outwards with everything tied apart from between underneath in dividends and relaxed statements in time woven into a basket left in the running stream.
And the results carried onward through generations denial of fate and circumstance, a proof, scientific fact.
A heartbeat letter envelope result from pages in hiatus times, and binge-drinking days swept under the rug.
In another day resulted and divided, in conceded rhythms, moving past the boundaries in sky castles of night, and moving in envelopes sanctified by stamps in halfway togetherness savior days rewrote 10,000 times for deeper meaning and certainties from beyond these worlds, moving in time boundaries and lines that divide and falling letter fruitcase sentences.
yesterday was the inevitable flow, through boundaries in the sky moving ocean boundaries, the night vision moonbeam donut fallout boy heart rhythms of sultans who wander the valley floor, and with a new spring of knowledge.
Betwixt cellular devices and a headset yearlong results from a distance results dear Jane tonight we shine down lunar species of the night remember void suitcase doobie weird sarcasm and hill openness growing everyday until everything at once.

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