“These Fragments I have Shored Against my Ruin”. – T.S. Eliot, (a miniseries)

What’s really fun is, if you are on a laptop or desktop, play all three videos at the same time and look at all of them together.., lol.. 🙂

Title: “These Fragments I have shored against my ruin” – T. S. Eliot. feat. Pizza Hut Delivery Series..
Mixed Media on Paper
Series consists of colored drawings made in spontaneity, with emotion, and expressing my sentiment towards a situation. They are meant to capture a moment in time. They are more therapeutic than anything else for me. They are fun and easy to do, and you don’t really have to shoot for anything specific, they just happen. Now the series has evolved into ballpoint art one line loop drawings which have helped me relax and get to a meditative state. I’m fascinated by the idea of capturing the essence of a time or emotion. That’s what these are all about for me..

As the series progresses, the marks evolve. Towards the end of the series, the markers run out, and I switch to pen. Loops become a more dominant factor in the markmaking. There are some with words and some with automatic writing.

Then it’s just all loops, created in haste with anything I could find, usually pen, however.

“These Fragments I have shored against my ruin” – T. S. Eliot. is a quote from this book:

or maybe this one:

The Waste Land and Other Poems: Including The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

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