Free Kindle Digital Art Ebook April 11th thru April 15th by Steven Yessick

Mixed Media Graphics Art book free downloads April 11th-April 16th, just click on the image or link…

Mixed Media Graphics Art: Complete Digital Works (2009-2017): A Visual Journey Into the World of @yessickart Glitch Art Created from Mixed Media, Painting, and Photographic Imagery..

A collection of various mixed media works involving graphic manipulation. An exploration of mixed media and painting combined with photoshop. Images are colorful and unique in many regards. Includes some photography, and normal mixed media without manipulation. An interesting and ecclectic mix of art with some text and commentary. They use glitch art techniques at times to provide an interesting visual dynamic. They are in no specific order, and I think it is an interesting, exciting, and visually stimulating trip through the world of the graphic art of Steven Yessick.

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