The Getty Walk through with Dollars in My Pocket

One time, I was in L.A.
I went to the Getty Center:

it was Awesome
some Cezanne pieces
because I had a dollar:

it was rad, there was a cactus garden and everything
I was there
and then
I got lost
in L.A.
by myself
anyways I ended up going hiking there. If you can find some wooded areas in L.A. if you are ever there, then you should check
for sure
and then I walked around some more.
Bigfoot lives on the hills in L.A. at least I’ve heard.
or maybe some mountain lions.
I rode the bus a lot.
and the subway.
I went to hollywood, and inglewood, and I saw phish in Inglewood
and I bough some burgundy imitation leather shoes and a new outfit
i was just walking around
that was before smartphones, so I had to ask people where stuff was.
and I almost got run over by a purple ford fairlane
it was sorta
like a rite of passage
all of the time I spent travelling.
I went to a lot of clubs in different cities across the U.S.
there was so much to do.
Is it different now? Yes
things happen quicker nowadays
because insta

shoes sandwich and wine
a topiary:

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