Guided to the Horizon

Moontides, aquifers, and the distance that separates us.
listening for hearsay challenge mindset void reckoning sappy flux
catering to a fruitcastle in the sky beams heartfelt yesterday
tonight we dance in lunar eclipse photos plastered on the wall and a new moon dance aimed at placating the weather
in sandals and togas, we rhythmatically pulse to the beat and hula hoop all night long
with glowing flashing led glow hula hoops and dancing to the jambase comment feed
halfway down the opening, some green bean baby food moved to the end of the conveyor belt
then it ended up on the bib
jiving moondance with the firepit at night and the summer sweat heartbeat signed immaculate vision quest in the valley of donut shops

and then the valley eroded into dark matter and the universe just sped up
and the light caught up with the opening in the keyhole gate salad chicken fingers from a real chicken on a salad
soup and a sandwich, and some spikes in your hairdo
hill soup bike traveling to a donut shop
with a pound of tobacco

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