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Anyways, cool. Here's the art article:

Here is a gummy bear products list amazon for you.

I have picked various brands of gummy bears

and different products for you to peruse.

Click on the pic to buy or view.

So here goes the list:

Here is a five pound bag of gummy bears

Here are some gold bears individually wrapped

mm yummy black forest five pound gummy bear bag

here are 72 packs of gummy bears

for you street vendors out there 🙂

Here are some delicious gourmet gummy bears

here are some natural gummy bears with 100 percent vitamin C per serving

and they taste delicious

here are some party favor gummy bears in a teddy bear canister

Albanese Beary Blue Raspberry Gummi Bears, 5-Pound Bags

yum, blue raspberry…

Red Wild Cherry Gummi Gummy Bears Candy 5 Pound Bag (Bulk)

Yum, wild cherry gummy bears…

These are supposedly the best.

Trolli Gummi Bears, 5 Lbs

Trolli makes good bears and worms.

Land Of The Gummies Sour Gummy, Bear, 5 Pound

And here is a youtube playlist I made of mixed media videos I made, pretty far out stuff man,

all kinds of art..

maybe you will get some gummi products

or some candy

and watch the video

it is here to entertain

well thanks for visiting.

There are plenty of gummi products

amazon has some super huge gummi products too.

I dunno, too big gummi stuff

I just like the bite size stuff like the bears above.

These are pretty cool.

I hope you like the video too.

I like the worms too.

Bears seem more socially acceptable though for some reason.

It seems like that.

I mean whatever.

Some people just like gummi bears.

I love them

Thank you so much for visiting the gummy bear products list amazon page on dis site-e-o.

Peace and love and harmony

and gummy bears all day long til the break of dawn

and it goes on and on and on and on.



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