How Elvis Saved Christmas

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Anyways, cool. Here's the art article:

This is a funny short story about Christmas.

It’s a rad and humorous story, lol, and it has pictures too.

Check it out, it’s pretty hilarious!

Also, you can buy anything in the story by clicking on the pictures..

Have fun!

Here’s Santa:

Santa is at the north pole getting ready for Christmas, and making all of his toys and he needs a new sleigh, because his got hit by a monster truck at his visit in Ohio to the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of fame.

Santa’s daughter, Jacqueline, recommended that they get a racecar:

A Bugatti:

and she said they could put it on tracks, kinda like a rollercoaster to deliver all of the toys

they could kinda have like rollercoasters everywhere, so the kids could get their toys easier:

or maybe like on a toy racetrack:

or they could take a train, like

in a toy train set:

anyways, Ms. Claus wanted Rudolf to decide, so

he said, let’s just rollerblade everywhere:

and so they did.

And they had to carry a wheelbarrow:

to put all of the toys in.

Anyways, they went to chili’s after they were done, with some gift cards someone had left them:

and then they went and ate some really good cookies that were left for them too…

Cinnamon bun Oreos:

with some egg nog:

and some pumpkin spice granola:

Wow, they loved all the food so much, that they needed to sleep

so they went and got mypillow:

and slept on their foam mattresses at the North Pole:

Anyways, it was late, and they still had a lot to do, so they decided on some medicinal coffee:

And that gave them energy, so they decided to do some reps on the bench press:

then they put on their rollerblades, and skated around times square, and they went and saw a Broadway show:

Anyways, they took a lot of pictures with their new nikon digital camera:

and then they went to Africa, where they saw a bunch of giraffes, but they were really in a toy store and the giraffes were stuffed animals:

and the kids wanted all of the stuffed giraffes, so they could feel like their basement was Africa,

Anyways, then they went kayaking in their little sea kayak:

which, Santa, the Reindeer, and Jacquiline, and Mrs. Claus all had their own kayaks.

Anyways, they parked on the bank of the river, and then they had a picnic from their picnic basket:

And they saw a guy in camo:

and he was trying to kill Rudolf!

Oh no!

Anyways, Santa got his trusty pocketknife out:

and got his throwing stars, and then he got in his Bugatti and hid at the Hyatt in Amsterdam:

Then one day he ordered papa’s:

and they brought him burger king instead:

Anyways, traffic was a nightmare in Amsterdam, so they took a fishing trip in their fishing boat:

and then they went to walgreens to get some aleve pm, because their backs hurt, they had a long day, and they were tired, yet wired:

and the sun came up, and they were magically transported from Amsterdam by Elvis back to the North pole where they lived happily ever after, except that guy in the camo got rudolf, and he had to go to the hospital at the North pole, but he’s ok now, and he’s ready for Christmas.

And that’s how Elvis Presley Saved Christmas.

The End

We always knew Elvis would save Christmas..

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