Jiving with the syntaxes around the new meridian

until the fallout boy donut shop stands still in the aftermath glowing vines that wrap around the decaying matter
it sounds like sounds coming from everywhere and silent in the fallacies of mankind
and the dreamstate, it connects and blends, bending space and time in layers, and the congruent forces of the new awakenings of your inner child.
Sounds beckoning the enrapture sand applicator foretell bliss assiduous interloper from afar and the moonbeams wrap the glory in cloth.
New silent masses treat the day as a synapse glimmer unfolding for the daybreak soup.
and the energy
moving across the surface
the daydream chalice
sounds growing halfway down the vine shining decay wept.
fallout boy says no way.
the new sentence shines down from above.
in the glass ceiling from after the generations sounds sultry and paltry until the end of it all, everything.
even the freckle we are, and it’s replicator.
penance denial of new growths and foretell collections of matter for the falling hill openness sounds.
sending forth
new decay and growths
inside of the center atom recreation divided.
and the yearlong jiving soup with beans.
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Mixed changes in the daylight rainbow galaxy network, and new finding abrupt and in sync.

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