I am jus chillin makin art

I am just relaxin at home makin art.

I’m doing good.

I have food and beer.

I’m drinking coors lite.

I have a good time on here.

Now just thinking about writing a bunch of art and poetry. Check out this ad:

Then more words:

Well, really there’s nothing better to do than write abstract poetry and make abstract posters for sale.

I think I’m just going to keep doing this on here.

Heck I have the site for at least three more years.

So, anyways, why not have fun and be creative?
That’s what I say. Plus it’s fun to make abstract art
and I’m working on a new book.
As soon as I write a bunch more poems, I’m going to take them and put them in a book, and take them down from this site.
Anyways, it’s going to be a kindle book, and it’s going to have the mixed media in it too, just like in my third book, which has mixed media art and poetry from my last site:

^This is my book, so you should click on it and read a preview.

Anyways, I like that you read my words, and I’m just gonna make art however I can now, until I decide to do anything else, like sell comic books or something.

Or work at wally world, or mow lawns.

But for now, it’s coors lite and making art.


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