Moving concurrently in depth and form

after the side effects wore off, a new mind reasoning ability emerges..
torn from the remnants of a sordid love affair
between the grooves of the inevitable purpose of what was left in the aftermath
a dignitary spoke of the new melodies aloft in the air..
a sign of a new state of thought and sounds..
and all that ever mattered in the plight of the righteous muse..

an overall block towards the state of becoming..
fallacious denial of everything and the moontides that beam light into the establisment’s embellishments..
tyrant mob, loose and with boundaries moves stealthily through layered corridors..
signing a sign she wrote, a film crew in place..
gentle gatherings of outspoken verdicts..
in a sense, everything is in place at the same time, everywhere..

sight of sore eyes, sight of his penmanship..
signed abruptly, mixed with new states of bliss..
drove along, singing our favorite song..

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