Moving with the ineffable forces towards a mysterious bloom

As we establish boundaries in the sky, a flower blooms in the┬ámind’s eye during the journey to the mountaintop…

A terror stricken panic ensues the masses, and gripped with fear; meanwhile, a flower mysteriously blooms in purple and pink hues, encompassing all the hero represents as each day unfolds into new becomings of timing and the arrangements of events.

In the new silent dawn, a causal force reawakens that is close in approximation to the sacred senses of the interloper. It collects and bedazzles the fortitude bearing hero for a tremendous surge into the abstract and unknown with it’s complex blooming patterns that are misunderstood by many.

Between blooms, the flower wastes, and subsides, until again it bears the challenges of mankind in it’s beautiful blooms which unveil energy and confidence to our hero. They await a time when all integrate the flower’s beauty into the day and night rhythms that spiral onwards into the future.

Open to the sky, a pink unfolding of petalesque form infers with the reasoning of the masses. Until the final bloom, the most beautiful bloom of all, with contrasting hues, and full of pollen, is when they transfer the flower to a new location. It’s power is reborn again, and a new day is found on the understandings of the global network towards Earth’s gift to man.

In the silent rooms in the hilltop villages of Italian mountainsides, a growing tendril finds it’s way through the door. Leaning towards the sky, a new flower is born, in the middle of day, in the sunlight. It is placed with the others in the middle of the courtyard for all to appreciate it’s mysterious beauty.


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