Moving into Unity

Transfer the dignitaries to another sense of a new word.

Vocabulary moves along a direct line to a rebound in the last minute of overtime.

What was left, we gained again, and we tied our shoes knowing that.

An awakening of matter to become energy. Another reworked mindset.

Off balance and shunned, we await motion towards a tall tower in the heavens.

Forget the other time on the new moonshine, wearing it out in the afternoon.

Meanwhile, the forgetfulness changes and we bring back the dictionary.

Growing tendrils align with the decaying energy to balance the state of the planet.

Around and about, with nothin inside of his suitcase, Larry forgets to tell someone he is leaving for the beach.

Another day, shoes collected by safety and rhythm for the masses, and a time in space where all comes together.

Changes in the dynamics of the motion through clouds, the plane travelsĀ in cloudland.

challengers to the dynasty of the forgotten ones who lie in wait for the new balance.

A shunned state of forgiveness in hiatus rewind to the next stage.

Approximate letters collect and transfer the matter to another point in the system.

A movie relax rewind to the best part and nothing else matters.

Jiving to the top of the tower, collected and diffused down to the smallest detail.

Growing halfway down the side of the building, off-speed, and ruthless, moreover, in denial.

We await the right time to set up a new system of rewards and punishments.

Again, we begin with a non challenge of Socrates, and the plain system of approach.

Lying in the middle of a shoe store, waiting for the right place to change shoes.


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