Moving through layers, indefinitely

quiet movie player, indefinite approximation, a movie, results sanctuary tell me more…
foretell no matter, with energy and jiving fruit castles, away from the masses, collect and diffuse the in between layers and divisions abrupt with no reason.
lift the syntax sandwich jiving hill denial hill donut assinine assiduous,
lift the music visual collect diffusers donut challengers
lift the results await the time results donut guru, collect new meanings, milestone, jive sentences, lift the music, visual approaches.
penance, forgive result nonchalance weird said forgive the results of energy.
penance forgiveness weird energy moving changes in the light moves beams through the energy, moving fortitude, and smitten energy.
collect and diffuse, with the energy awaiting, moving forgiveness, nihil, openness, sounds moving sounds stretching…

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