And the path to inner sanctitude

all about this at first, yo:

and then we talk about random sticker packs

Alright well one day, I was sitting in the grass eating a fruit sandwich
and then I saw this lady walking, and she offered me some french fries
that was pretty cool
then I wandered along 2000 miles looking for socks.
then I spent the night looking at the Capitol building
then I lost my ID at a Phish concert
then I wandered L.A. in a dress.
then I ate some food out of the garbage can
then I showered at the YMCA
then I lived in a storage bin
and then I lost all my stuff because it got stolen
then I almost got shot
then I got a new car
then I lost my job
now I am making art and eating a whole bunch of pizza.
life it is cool.

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Check this out:

Oh gee, well I guess you can see it now:

stolen art

^This painting was stolen from me.

I had some coffee today, it was tasty, with the french vanilla creamer, oh by the way
I’m planning on writing simple b.s. forever and see what happens. Thanks.

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