Pause here for a second, then continue…

In a dried out nail polish

in a fasten the seatbelt

as in strap in.

moving nonchalantly across boundaries, the guide permits another
by the means of the approximate calculations
it is assigned new values
in a space besides the one you had the other day when you ate that sandwich and then you topped the bipartisan assembly and resounded your voice through the heavens
this is not Rome, as it were…
we are not barbarians
I hope
we mean good
it is for the best
we all know
tomorrow the sun rises in the East
hilltop villages greet the glow with a timex or rolex fasten and seatbelt buckled too..

what about the embers of flame that erode with injustice?
challengers deny assiduous participation with a weeping mocking cry
a sandwich eater
philosphy major
sand baggar
no name is all name
what is in a name?
nothing is everything
together we are one.
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The lucid dreamstate of vini vidi vici transfers the denial of fate and results transparent and eroding away at the surfaces of things.
Hey, you might like this guitar noise I made with words on this video:

and it is avisual part of this poem, design
situational, timing-affecting-ever-so-subtly, challengse synapse altering
donut shop closing down
sandwich shop still open
beyond filial muses dancing in circles around a moving target with surface siren sounds.

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