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A changeling artifact:

Like the aforemention artifact, Rose tries a new venture in cause and effect.

As boundaries and spirals gather.

New news, along the bypass spreads across the land

sweet tea in dialed calligraphic glasses

soup and bowls and shinedown

stop changeling as it progresses…

shoes, sequences, and cold turkey as a new lifestyle…

The sweet tea tells everything at once…
Sounds strech through distant meadows and lawns…

Music pervading the scenery:

walk into a landscape in your daily pursuits at home

enjoy the scenery:

maybe another:

and a

cool vibe from her sexy



a new translation of song

in a product of the future

spent all day long vacuuming

sounds like it’s time for a tapestry:

and a poster of a hot female:

and wow

I mean

so hot


how bout those sonic guys?

I mean wtf


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