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Hello. I'm Steven Yessick, you know, the author and artist?...

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You know, I really do encourage you all to find everything you ever wanted in the galaxy... for reals...

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Anyways, cool. Here's the art article:

And btw, you can click on the pics and links to buy those items.. That's pretty far out, you know?
For realz...
Anyways art and pppppeaceee..... people, and enjoy the site! It's all for you! Thank you!

For the rock n’ rollers, some rad useful earplugs:

Signed by Stalin…

Topiaries and Carrots and apple juice and cups.

Maybe stretch a time warp in  your mind’s eyes, or something…

Then slam it in da trash can, with these garbage bags^.

Minions Bob artifacts for your perusal…

Bob just loves that little bear friend of his…

Rattle and Roll all the days with these:

Baby bands are cool, yosef…

Donkey Knog is killer, yosef and yozers… Truly I mean fur rizzle.

For a wii motherload slammin play date.

While listenin to the Gorillas:

Then some old peculiar beer

and watch a movie in these:

folded in a drawer for that special occasion, white silk PJ’s yo!

and we get down on some petunias:

and eat a bannana and sign language people are on TV..



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