The Rabbit meets some Superheroes

This is bugs, he is walking down route 66 when all of a sudden he sees someone cutting grass on the side of the road with his hands.

It just happens to be Edward Scissorhands sitting there, so he gives him a ride.

Edward says he has a friend in Vegas he needs to talk to, so the bunny and Edward go to vegas where they meet:

Kermit, who with his wife, Piggy, own 27 casinos in Vegas.

Anyways Captain America is Kermit’s bouncer, so Kermit starts to have a conversation with the Rabbit.

Kermit invites everybody to go on his jet to Alaska, and they go canoeing on this lake:

Instead of fishing they just eat Kit-Kats:

When they get back they have green tea at his cabin.

Kermit picked some flowers, for his mistress, Supergirl.

She said she liked them.

And he gave her a gift card to subway on top of the flowers.

Then they all got in Kermit’s Maserati and rode back to Vegas.

But it was really part car and part helicopter, so they landed on the roof of the Hyatt.

And stayed up all night, drank wine, and ate their kit kats and subway.

Edward cut the sandwiches into tiny bite sized pieces, too.

Piggy and Supergirl come to a mutual understanding about Kermit.

Oh and they made a bunch of comments on that night, too.

The end.

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