Sand, timex, coconuts, vision goggles

sand chalice sand vixen fruit
sound castle descent playing the viola
until a midsentence sang
to the top of everything
collect a pattern glance rework singed result approximately
guide into the rhythm
sound glory new biscuit filial
open door first challenge in a point blank
filial forecast infer forecasters
tonight grows a vixen chalice sand timex or rolex
coconut banannas and forecast
a patient tiger
tyrant yesterday
in a pen stance denial collection of artificial layerrific
guide centered upon stance weakening collecting glances amidst a torrent vision castle tonight elapsed
in sound vortex mind results cherish a great separation of frayed cosmic matter attributed to the final vacation abruptly
results to a dawn forcaster singing the blues on tv.
in a pause, dirct from a result
transfer a sentence to the mind’s eye, in yellow sunshine yellow night moondance festival in your heart
now is the time to remind a great deal of artificially programmed reachers tonight is the night vision mooncaste verticle syntax
a sound vibration pattern in a sandcastle.

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