Sasquatch Legend, Amongst Growing Tendrils Interwoven

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Thanks! Anyways, here's the article:

Something amuses from space cadet forms

a part of the system, enraptured in melodic translations of sound speeding through dark lenses

awake, legend in gratis discomfort


a piece of nothingness from beyond

A little fragment of time, torn and disarrayed in textured interwoven karmic ribbons

of purpose greeted with smile send energy heartbeat chasm light rays and everything that ever mattered in the solar plexus of the Gods archetype.


Meanings indefinite strings of causality mixed togetherness and a piece of soft music sound energy rewritten

over and over again rewritten, a send safety underneath everything in

spaces that tie together the colored rewritten flock hillside patient pathway to righteousness


nevermind the patterns in textured soft meanings hill send forth the comfort ribbon unfoldings everything in the middle as it were

Piece of send energy undressed in spacey textured clothing sentences and underside rewritten signs from beyond,


like to feel good and be looked at sometimes 🙂


anyways not a big deal, so I guess

I don’t know.


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