Signs, New Signs and Symptoms, Sounds, Vertical Sunrise

In conclusion.

it starts from here and then goes on to talk about unique separations in the cultural fabric from this point and into the future..

in a second thought, it is all in a moment

in the glow of a sunflower passing by, bunches of them, facing the sun..

in a sign we see distant meadows, flower patterns, at night flowers maintain their purpose..

in no sound void

we safely gravitate to night, woven in a textured moment, collecting news particles, atoms, reflexes of the moment in a time woven breakfast brunch situational dialect foretold with remedies in challenging fallout dignitaries mindset reworked to a point…



the timex sends a dove flower pink yellow timebands sound triumphantly in those meadows,

and we cling to the oneness of humanity

that which unifies us

in more careful terms

we we

we the we

we us

we send sound




brunch in mexico with a few friends who are looking for some beans to go with their rice, and they can’t finds any

and then the point of all this is

xanthu, the mother princess

says that it is

attributed to a first interplanetary solstice upon seven places to find a territory in spaces yet to come if we are not hit by an asteroid first, but that’s probably not going to happen, and we are getting smarter all of the time

and eventually I will just have a robot who writes for me while I enjoy cocktails…


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