Skewing Karma Glasses Mixed Breezes Plain and In Flux Patterns

In your mind’s eye, visualize a small blue bird
then flying across the sky
then diving to the ground,
assign new meanings to everyday things
a time when birds came together
a time when we all came together
and there was no danger
before 9-11
and the time was better
now crime happens so fast
it can happen anywhere
it can happen to anybody
and there are all these crazy drugs
and crazy people
anyways, before 9-11
things were a lot better
now the daily news
is like Meth times today or something
for real,
maybe it will be better soon
I hope
anyways, I guess that’s what this is all about
thanks and bipartisan mindsets direct your tv sets
channels, tuned into twitter feeds
denying spontaneous interjection
no new meanings
no beliefs
no principles
in a time where the bluebird flew free
now we can again, hopefully
sorta in a better way than it is now…
do you agree?

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