Smallness, void…

Every day in divisions, apart from reality, we seek and find. In divided sects we wait until recompensating causal chains of occurrence. In tune with A.I. in patterns and dialects from the root of understanding we collect together. At daybreak, disheveled and still collecting, a fragment of a thought drifts away quietly and in balance.. Sending light in waves, a particle settles into a surface, ending a chain of events infinitesimally small and unnoticed to the casual observer.

here’s that song I like, that new one by Katy Perry that she performed at the grammys this year..

anyways, just thought I would say this…

here’s the reverse in a bumper sticker u can buy..

have u ever heard of the stock NVDA? it blew up this past year… yeah…

anyways, it has more to do with A.I. and robotics than anything else. Virtual reality is about to take over.

Anyways, sorta like in the Terminator or something, I guess, lol 🙂

anyways, I want this book by Tim Ferris:

It’s on

My Amazon Wishlist

if you want to get it for me., Thanks…

well, I hope reality finds you lucid, and sometimes in a partial relaxation void intertwined with cosmic fibers of causal boundaries in the latitudes of space-time somewhere near Florida with a daquiri or something..

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