Some good Bands

That was just for fun.
we get to the really fun part which is
.I don’t know, I think I will listen to the Dead Deads tonight
they rock u chile
it is another foretold wonder of sarcasm and revolting energy that expands and contracts with terrific force
and the chiles deny the sanctity of the moment and the slash through layers of doubt smoke forecasters in silence and with force and sultry overtones of joyous enrapture

then the breezes of the band called Orka Oddessy on spotify and they are good too
kinda space jam rock emerald city smoked out jams to vibe at chill fests with pals or in a room full of art and sculptures

then the jams result in new becomings of the mind’s eye
in a penance
open door terrific sunbeam flower child moment in the summer daylight in shorts and a tank top, then going to the pool, and the future is halfway there
and then the worlds separate and the marches dance to the beat of their chant with drums and the dark light matter energy expands and the untied filth pervades muses dear Anne salad shooter lettuce sandwichy. Simmich.

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