Sports Scores and Halftime Soup and Sandwich

Frolic and divide and intersect. Someone has to win this game.
It continues against all odds.
The score means nothing
it’s the excitement you like
assign values to meanings and events
twelve points
five seconds
then take the ball down the court and shove it somewhere
jive on fruitcase sandwiches
halfway to the goal, she stops and tweets something, lays down in the grass to feel the sun.
picks some dandelions
takes the ball and attaches it to a model rocket
and sends it to another county
while soccer mom watches
takes her rolex and gives it to the homeless guy
on the way into honey baked ham
then checks the scores with a hammer on the floor
takes a selfie
but she doesn’t like it
so she does it a few hundred times
spinning every night, Jane spins til she faints
things are speeding up, she says.
I want a snoopy car.

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