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Whoa, look at these fabulous Studio Designs drafting tables.

These are a sight for sore eyes.

They are truly amazing.

Fantastic design for brilliant display and functionality.

The list is as follows:

studio designs drafting tables
Studio Designs Avanta Drafting Table in Silver with Blue Glass 10060

Look at this Studio Designs drafting table. So elegant. Highly functional.

Ergonomic design for stability and strength.

studio designs drafting tables
Studio Designs Futura Advanced Drafting Table with Side Shelf

What a stylish drafting table. Ideal for a loft, or big open space.

Fashionable and sleek design.

studio designs drafting tables
STUDIO DESIGNS 42in Vintage Drafting Table / Rustic Oak 13305

The standard choice. A timeless design of the drafting table.

Solid Oak drafting tables are the best.

studio designs drafting tables
Vision Craft Station in Silver / Blue Glass

This one has wheels, so that you can move it around.

It is a craft station with a bunch of places to store different materials.

studio designs drafting tables
STUDIO DESIGNS Zenith Drafting Table in Black 13340

Pure elegance.

Perfect for the office, where neutral tones work well.

studio designs drafting tables
Studio Designs Ponderosa Wood Topped Table in Sonoma Brown 13285

Great utility drafting table with a sliding drawer to hold all of those supplies.

More Studio Designs Drafting Tables below

Studio Designs 13346 Solano Adjustable Height Drafting Table, Charcoal/Clear Glass

Very nice glass top Studio Designs drafting table.

A more affordable choice for drafters out there.

studio designs drafting tables
Studio Designs Folding Craft Station in Black with White 13221

Folds up. That’s pretty cool.

A really more affordable and convenient choice for smaller studios where it may need to be set aside from time to time.

studio designs drafting tables
Studio Designs Executive Craft Station with Faux Leather, Chrome/Black

Another affordable choice. Nice sleek and sturdy design.

It has a leather top. It’s for the executive in your life.



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