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Reworking the mindsets of a generation beyond causality
it is effective semblance between a situation and the after effects
beyond everything and nothing at the same time
an adventure land of chaos in midstream pause
halfway down the side of the altar of humanity we reworked the after effects

changes in balances apart and afar we chained link fenced it into the boundaries from one side
and the recreation of everything that ever was sacred is now divided upon circumstance

another day floats by the underscored rhythms that tear into another aftermath as it worked out in this case.

Trying the other side of the vacation results insofar as the results anticipate the phony behavior and sequences from beyond and afar.

Resulted in a far flung solar cosmos energy ball erupting by the wayside
it splattered and combined on the floor, and it could be heard from the outside
nevermind sunbliss artifice patterns reworked in new styles
approximate circumference of the pagination from beyond the midsentence flux.

The Norse recreation of what was left behind, in the dark place underneath the surfaces of things.
Placate renewal synergy in a box beneath the bed with thousands of dollars in it.
circumstanced reworked on the page in the middle it stopped for a sec.

then kept going on to a new destiny in the sunset from afar in the middle of another time in space rainbow folding layer patterns.

such appointed spaces of fruit pomegranate layers in circumstance and from beyond in another part of the world.

It changed with the system and paused in after effect and rhythm intertwinings.

Challenges the heartbeat of a generation in midstream with folly and misunderstandings from above and beyond the other side.
A miscreant of fate and causality and from beyond the point of no return.
Vision patterns dialect with an understanding out from beyond and towards another place in the city’s dank corridors.

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