This is awesome

This is really heartfelt and from the bottom of my heart:

And I mean that.

Just having fun and drinking beer.
I may eat some pizza.
I have some pepperoni, onion, and bacon thin crust from pizza hut. It was good. I only ate two pieces because I thought it would upset my stomach. You know, honey is really good for you. It’s good for arthritis. Anyways. It’s not called the land of milk and honey for no reason. Anyways, I heard psychic vampires crave milk, is that true?
Anyways, at least I can see myself in a mirror, because some people can’t lol, oh wrong holiday.
Well maybe you want a cute teddy bear. Or maybe just a cute teddy.
and then some great sushi, maybe a trip to the overlook, a few sandwiches with peanut butter, bananas and honey.
and then we walk to the donut shop and get krispy kreme.
They are the best when they are fresh.
I hope you like my blog.
I make abstract art and write about Amazon stuff.
But more abstract stuff later. I’m ok. I just hang out with my buds, then I come home and work on my site. It’s pretty fun, I guess, but it’s getting to the point where I just want to be real. I got to pay a car note every month. Anyways, join the club right? We all in debt.
Maybe someone will donate like a bunch of money to me. I’m not really sure if I should put a donate button or not, but I think I may try it for a while, I mean, why not?

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