Transmutating layers in the artifice

along a boundary in silent becomings… Await the changes in the day. Tidal waves of becomings and the silent passing mob…Moving through meanings in certainty. Lying halfway across in the distance, a sound travels through a boundary, misguided, aligned, and transformative. Jiving delicate patterns in the sunshine of what once was in the distance…Moonbeams await the final glow patterns on your face in between everything. Vying half broken and spent energy taxes the growth..Moon lucifer transcript shaken from destiny in this bad world.. Cool and collected amidst a terror war. Xandu princess beguiled and patient through the storm of the inevitable spaces that cover the surfaces of things. Growing tender energy awaits moon transluscent transformative re-flux patterns in the sky…

Another transformative re-flux formula shinedown donut weather channel moon surface photo.


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