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Anyways, cool. Here's the art article:
  • The mere scent of coffee can give you psychic power over idiots…
  • One small problem may represent many other larger problems…
  • Creative expression is truly a manifestation of the divine..
  • If you can see through all the smoke of lies that surround us; in reality, we are all one…
  • When you write, try to answer the question: Why?
  • Keeping Things Whole… by Mark Strand…
  • You see approx 216,000 individual still frames while watching one hour of HD television. Don’t you think one of them may be subliminal???
  • If you can dam streams, you can build fountains…
  • Avoid polarized viewpoints…
  • Our subconscious believes everything we see. Put good stuff in, get good stuff out..
  • Our words are like magic and we unknowingly “cast spells” with them all of the time!
  • Your Heart is a Flower…
  • <— Avoid the polarization of fear and the polarization of viewpoints. Balance, ya’ll… Remember?
  • They divided the people right/left as a means of diversion and control.. Now the divisions are stronger than ever…
  • Those who have a lot, more is given to them, and people who have little, even the stuff they do have is taken from them..
  • If you can actually help people, by providing a valued (by the person you are helping) product or service, then you may have something..
  • I don’t take sides… I stand for truth, beauty, freedom, the strength of the will, and perseverance..
  • “Things standing shall fall, but the moving ever shall stay…” ~Bassavanna
  • “I think, therefore I am…”
  • … … #FreeYourMind #Toltec #wednesdaywisdom
  • The Biggest Lie of them all is the thing you believe in the most. Nothing is absolute! Free your mind!
  • Now they control your minds in Hi Def Rez….
  • Having a sincere desire to help others can get you a long way in work and life…



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