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Check out some upcycled sculpture for sale in this list, and see ’em all before you leave.

You can buy any of these by clicking on the links or images.

Learn more about each one after you click, so that you can see if you want to buy it.

NOVICA Metallic Upcycled Metal Sculpture, 5.75″ Tall ‘Rustic Friends’

Cool park bench sculpture with like a little person reading the newspaper with a dog.

May look good on a bookshelf or on a side table, or just wherever.

NOVICA Metallic Recycled Metal Sculpture, 3.3″ Tall ‘Rustic Helicopter’

Cool helicopter sculpture, be careful with this one, Cool to put in a high place or something. Like hang it from the ceiling, yo, so that it looks like it is flying or something.

Probably on the top of a bookshelf, so that it stays out of the reach of kids and animals, for reals.

Engine-New-Ity Upcycled Metal Sculpture Chubs the Lion

Cool little lion sculpture. An awesome little piece to place around the home, or in an auspicious place in the home.

I love this little guy.

Engine-New-Ity Upcycled Metal Sculpture Petunia the Pig with Wings

Cool little flying piglet.

What a cutie.

NOVICA Large Metallic Auto part Recycled Metal Sculpture, 23.5″ Tall ‘Rustic Catrina Ii’

Woman in dress metal upcycled sculpture for sale, wowsa, who is she?

More Upcycled Sculpture for Sale

Engine-New-Ity Upcycled Metal Sculpture Rocker Arm Moose

I really like the moose. Really cool sculpture here.

The moose is real.

Engine-New-Ity Upcycled Metal Sculpture Chubs the Owl

This owl looks so much like a real owl. The gears look like feathers, great effect with this steel sculpture.

Owl is da swerve, yo.

Bullet bug Mixed Media Assemblage Bug Sculpture with Bullet Casing Body Steampunk Gift

Some may like this, it’s a little bug made out of a bullet.

Kinda cool, you know?

Winged Bug Sculpture Steampunk Gift

If you liked the bullet one, then you may like this one as well.

This one just looks cool.

NOVICA Large Metallic Auto Part Horse Recycled Metal Sculpture, 19.75″ Tall ‘Moto-Horse’

This one gets an A+. Wow, what a wonderful sculpture to end the list with. Awesome piece, yo. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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