Under the Weighted fury of the dynamism

sounds screech melodious far out synergies await the final dawn smiling awakened blue eyes staring into the void.
sounds dogmatic fallacies denial fruit sandwich meantime aftermath entablatures of onxy new rhythms pervade in dynamism and corn sandwiches falling towards the center of everything.
Sound soupy rhythms chain sentences denial fast for seven days, meantime opennes final mountain climbing gorgeous blonde sentences adrift among the sea of internet media challengers towards the aftermath
a soundwave pervades the onyx entablature written in red crayon penmanship.
Shoes and saxaphone melodies, kaleidoscope mindset erupting in flames.
Silent dawn becomings of the enraptured sentences foretell the oneness of the super bowl mysterious artistry syntaxes, and on youtube
football hill of beans sand challengers fruitcase synapses denial wherewithall collect the new day blossoms in your pockets, sands foretell openness and divisions donut shop parallel to the avenues of the decades in the jungle of mankind’s algorithm await the yesterday vision sandstone hills meander through
and send out
sordid Agrippas
smiles smiles and laughter in the fruit forecast tied to results stretching beyond new boundaries and divisions in the sky pattern establishment.

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