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weird art

If you wanted to see some really weird art, then this is it. This painting is usually interpreted as being from some alien world, and perhaps the monster in the middle is turning away from the window and he is being fed by some intravenous method.

The colors are bright and this piece really gets people talking. People begin to project themselves into the animal-like form which can only be described as a beast, or a monster. I would like each viewer to formulate their own opinions. I can only tell you what my friends have said about it.

Weird Art – Monster by the Window – $180

Size: 11x14in
Medium: Oil on Canvas Board
Signed: Cipher (A Combination of the Artist’s Initials)
Artist: @yessickart
Title: Weird Art – Monster by the Window
Price: $180
Expected Life of Painting: 200+ yrs (if well preserved)

Weird Art – Original Oil on Canvas Odd Art

Why is this weird art? you may ask… Well, have you ever seen anything quite like this before? It is cool because the monster in the middle is what makes it weird, otherwise it would be ordinary. Who wants to be ordinary anyways???

I drew this out when I was upset. I was going through b.s. with my girlfriend. Anyways, Then I just went back and finished it later after I had come back to reality. It perhaps gets it’s odd form from the emotions that I was experiencing while I was designing or drawing it.

This painting may be some alternate reality in the universe somewhere. There may be monsters looking out of the window being fed in some weird way, that’s what I see. Anyways, it is definitely something that does not exist in the physical world, except in this painting by @yessickart.

Hopefully you will think it is weird art too and it will impact your reality in some unusual, but good way…

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