Yesterday Today Here and Now

Yesterday shining in layers, decay amongst the masses… New heart together in the spaces from above. Beings in halfway togetherness, juice drank in the solstice beginnings become us.

Juice drinker in the sky, number one results tied together in the aftermath of decay. Nothingness and everything together in the distance. Jiving around the boundaries together.. Collect yesterdays everything.

Open the door to everything, lying hilltop stepbeam.

Here we are nowadays, yesterday’s drunkenness. Tonight, and everybody, yesterday, here and now, jiving across the hills.

Landscape everybody, until the end, leftovers kaleidoscope vision nuisance. Forfeit and collect, meandering, ¬†Growing for us. Collect and gather the dew in jiving artificial layers, in Neptune’s balance, meandering still.

Halfway down the other side, reawakening in the challenge afterwards. Growing and decay, nevermind the evidence awaiting, new balance, new waitings, new realities, Sanskrit, across the jungle, in a new syntax.

Yesterday reworked in a pun, in the distance, movie spent hologram, in jiving hilltops donut yeild sandust until decay in jiving horseshoes, moving hillside fallout in the middle of the sentence fruit tied together. Hillside red final decay in the distance.

Lying halfway down the hill until open reworked fruit tied energy. Kaleidescopic vine results denial growing hillside final collection. Juice fruit tied forget together. Music forecast hillside going on together. Millions together in the distance. Music vineyard, lying halfway down the other side.

Together in the distance forget togetherness hillside forget yesterday. Jiving final sentence dear energy together in the distance. New distances forget everything helping halfway until the energy descends.

Nevermind the mixed congregation. Because everyday yesterday today in the balance, with the mixed energy and sanctuary, collect the shoelaces, and forget the new awakening on top of the hill. Meandering flock jiving collection, meandering in the distance, deny everything on top of the sentences.

Leftover parts of the cycle.

Moving adventures dear cake mixture… New mixture of remedies, meandering, halfway down the side of the hull. Nuisance dear tied everything.

Nothing cares, mission said forget the escapade. Beings everyday tied to yesterday.. Leftover heartbeams. Jiving syntaxes jiving collections..

Lost ancestry the devil awakes, collections of silence. Halfway down the stairs. Behind the decay until yesterday became today. Behind the hill, jiving nuisance awaits, growing into the side of my brain.. Collect divisions, feelings, left behind, moving, aside, collections, halfway…

Jiving halfway aside for the nuisance adjacent on the sofa.. Lying in balance.. Between the sentence, meaning nothing, taking everything, leftover syntaxes.

Jiving halfway down the hill with your shoes untied, results together and awaiting.. Leftover remnants of ancestry. Open the door to the other side, final attempt, collected, meandering in the path.

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