Yesterday’s Lore and the Systematic Approach to Longetivity

Find out yourself in a plain shopping basket

new neatness and inexplicable fortune of the divine

await a luxury artifact from beyond and spin the rooster’s cage quickly

in the meantime, beyond different pages that meet and transfer energy among themselves.

Trying too hard, and dividing spaces and the other side rewoven into luxury spaces

and the galaxies beyond, in a subdued format from within.

In a balanced state, reworked on the precipice of the sky.

A dawn remembers, transfers, the dignitaries, the suspense

Abrupt and without start or finish

dividing spaces in your mind, and the company you keep.

No matter what, suspend the imagination for two days.

In the middle of a divine intervention, with or without cause.

The suspense, the spectacle, and your mind’s eye dancing like a flame.

Moving shoes and knuckles and the inseam of a textured dress or skirt moves to the rhythm in a scrawling floralized moment, intricate and without place.

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