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We are all about putting some real rad stuff up,

and talking about it.

I may do one random page

with just like

random things

that I think are cool.

I mean there’s a lot up for grabs on


which is my favorite site

with which to talk about their products.

Because there’s a lot of cool stuff

on there that I would like to talk about and share with other people.

And you can buy everything I talk about,

just by clicking on the image,

or the link right under the image.

I like rainbows, so here’s a double rainbow poster:

Omg, you can get this just by clicking on it, but I mean yeah, like this rainbow is a double rainbow, I mean, pretty cool, and with a waterfall?

I mean it’s pretty rockin.

Maybe we want a panda bear poster?

How about a Baby Panda, isn’t he the cutest? I mean, this would look great in a white room.

Anyways, it doesn’t get cuter than that.

How about a minions toy? I like this guy:

Look, it’s Kevin!


Or, you can get some kraft mac n cheese by clicking here:

Look, it’s a 24 pack of Spongebob Squarepants Mac n Cheese.

Here’s a lego star wars that’s pretty cool:

This is the best one ever. I mean it’s the Millenium Falcon, I mean c’mon.

And then you can buy a cool watch.

This is the one I like by Rip-Curl.

It’s pretty much like totally waterproof, plus it looks real cool.



Thanks for checking me out peace about the ancestry on this planet, and the generations,

and all that ever mattered until oneness and harmony begins again,

until peace and unity pervades the galaxy once again.

More cool artistic stuff:

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